Chapel Grove church of Christ

At the Chapel Grove church of Christ, our mission is to model the church found in the New Testament. We pray and hope that our worship, spirit, and conduct mirrors the Word of God. In an effort to clearly communicate our teaching and practice, we offer several different resources on this website in addition to a personal one-on-one Bible discussion at your request and convenience. May God bless us all as we pursue what glorifies Him.



Every year we have a week-long Gospel Meeting that starts the first Sunday after the 4th of July. This year Aaron Studdard, a preacher from Piedmont, AL came to be our speaker. Aaron did a great job preaching, and we were very encouraged in the work of the Lord. Below you will find a button that will take you to all the sermons he preached on our website. Make plans to be at our July meeting next year!


We want to invite you to take a free 6-Lesson Bible Study Course. This course will help beginners get a handle on the Bible and God's plan for saving man. Each person that finishes the course will be given a free copy of the book "Muscle and a Shovel".
Welcome to the "Are You Saved?" series that helps you confidently answer this critical question. Each person that finishes watching all 29 videos and correctly answers the questions that follow will receive one FREE copy of the book "How to Identify the Church.